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About The Vertelle Project

Research shows that having a close association to nature is good for your wellbeing. 


The Vertelle Project is run by Rosie Neave and it centres around empowering women through stimulating a closer connection to nature. It helps women to create moments of calm in their busy lives by providing considered, thoughtful ways to interact with the natural world. Rosie hopes to motivate, encourage and nurture women to discover more about themselves and the issues that are important to them through the power of nature.

There are lots of ways to get involved: read our blog posts with contributions from our community and other guest writers, join in with one of our seasonal workshops and follow our founder Rosie Neave on Instagram for challenges, prompts and ideas that'll deepen your daily nature connection. 

Do you have a strong connection to nature? We'd love to hear your stories so we can share them. Why not get in touch and tell us about them?

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