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A guided journal to help you get closer to nature.


It's well documented that a close connection to nature can support your wellbeing. This journal is based on learning grounded in academic research and has been designed to help you create a connection to nature that you can use everyday.


It contains: 

  • 25 carefully crafted prompts to bring you closer to nature
  • 5 creativity challenges to energise your artistic mind
  • Space for personal thoughts and reflections
  • Beautiful photography to inspire and motivate.


People who regularly spend time in or noticing nature report have shown to have higher levels of eudaimonic wellbeing (meaning feeling good and functioning well). They also practice stronger pro-nature behaviours, meaning a closer connection to nature is also good for the planet. (You can read more about it on my blog).


The journal is printed on recycled, sustainable paper and made in the UK.


Price includes p&p. (Price is in euros but shipping is from either UK or France)


Guided Nature Journal

20,00 €Price
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